27. Januar 2023 Johannes Wolters

Night Creatures – trailer | IFFR 2023

Celebrated Australian animators Knowles and Sowerwine introduce, via mobile phone, movie-going bats into IFFR queues.


Isobel Knowles and Van Sowerwine are internationally celebrated Australian animators whose work has sought to break down the barrier between screen and reality; their virtual reality piece Passenger graced IFFR in 2020. Night Creatures, originally commissioned by the Melbourne International Film Festival, conjures delightful bat creatures who are able to pop into (via mobile phone) the flow of a real festival environment. These bats offer representative tales (derived from real-life interviews) of cinema viewing in a global cinema context: the discovery of other cultures and lifestyles; the affirmation of diverse identities; the affectionate battle of tastes; and the shared, collective experience of big-screen spectatorship.

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