7. Juli 2020 Johannes Wolters

OIAF Goes Online in 2020!

Your favourite animation festival has big news- OIAF is moving online for 2020! For some that means missing your annual trip to Ottawa for the festivities but for many more that means being able to attend OIAF for the first time. Everything you love about OIAF is being transformed into a virtual version; screenings, networking, TAC, and all the fun!
“At first we wanted to mimic the live event as much as possible, but then the team started to think of ways we could take the things people love about the OIAF and make it more suited to an at-home experience,” says Managing Director Kelly Neall. “It’s a chance to get creative and try some new things”
The team is researching the best platform to securely showcase the films for an international audience while also incorporating a social component. There will be artist talks, workshops and the chance to virtually meet with schools and recruiters. InGenius Jr for families will return as well as the NightOwl party. Activities are being extended past the event’s usual 5-day run so people can work it into their schedule.

While having a limited number of in-theatre events is not completely off the table, with social distancing and reduced international travel it would be impossible to hold a traditional event. 80% of OIAF attendees are from out of town including large groups of animation students coming from the USA. Organizers felt it was also much too risky on many levels.

The Animation Conference (TAC), OIAF’s industry event, will move online as well. Director Azarin Sohrabkhani is working to involve decision-makers from around the world, “This is a great opportunity to meet with even more potential partners than the live event since travel has been taken out of the equation.”

More information about Online OIAF will be rolling out over the summer including pass and ticket prices and programming details

Read more about this year’s jury members: AnimationFestival.ca/2020
OIAF: Sept. 23 – Oct. 4, 2020
TAC: Sept. 23 – 25, 2020
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