6. April 2020 Johannes Wolters

#RTC_2020 DAY1: Don’t miss today’s top live real-time presentations!

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Welcome to our first-ever virtual #RealTimeConference!

Throughout this 2-day live online event, we will be sharing a set of keynotes, presentations, and panel discussions with top-tier leaders and cutting-edge innovators who are forging the future of real-time engagement from several industries. We will kick off today’s session with a track focused on #Architecture, followed by a #VirtualProduction track. Check us back tomorrow too, as we’ll come back with content about Automotive, Telepresence, Avatars, Digital Humans and more!

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Filming in alternate universes | Panel Discussion #VirtualProduction
4:30 pm PST | 7:30 pm EST | 00:30 am BST (Tues.) | 1:30 am CST (Tues.) | 11:30 am NZT (Tues.)
Immerse yourself in the backstages of The Lion King’s virtual production with this unique dialog between Cinematography and Special Effects professionals, and learn how they work together to create magic.
You will meet the one and only Visual Effects Director Rob Legato (Apollo 13, Titanic, Harry Potter, Aviator, Wolf of Wall Street, The Jungle Book, The Lion King…), nominated for five Oscars, winning three Academy Awards, two Baftas and two Emmys. Along with Magnopus’ co-founder Ben Grossman who developed the visual effects for The Lion King, and the cinematographer Caleb Deschanel, nominated for the Academy Award for Best Cinematography six times.
Immersion in Architecture | Presentation #Architecture
7:30 am PST | 10:30 am EST | 3:30 pm BST | 4:30 pm CST | 2:30 am NZT (Tues.)
SHoP’s Director of Visualization Mengyi Fan and Director of Interactive Visualization Adam Chernick will speak about how real-time visualizations help design teams, clients, and project consultants accomplish a successful project. They’ll give a glimpse into their process and speak to some of the ways that these experiences are solving industry problems.+ Do not miss our two panel discussions where the speakers of the #Architecture track will discuss the past, present, and future of real-time and other emerging technologies and the implications for professional practice.
6:15 am & 8:15 am PST | 9:15 am & 11:15 am EST | 2:15 pm & 4:15 pm BST | 3:15 pm & 5:15 pm CST | 1:15 am & 3:15 am NZT (Tues.)
Future Directions in LED Lighting Reproduction | Keynote and Q&A #VirtualProduction
11:15 am PST | 2:15 pm EST | 7:15 pm BST | 8:15 pm CST | 6:15 am NZT (Tues.)
Virtual Production sure hit a new milestone with real-time game engine technology and immersive LED screens, instead of the good old green screen. In fact, almost 50% of The Mandalorian was actually filmed using vast LED screens at a Los Angeles studio, enabling many final shots to be achieved ‘in-camera’ with no extra visual effects necessary.
And when it comes to lighting innovations with challenges such as simulating the sun, or shadows… Paul Debevec, Adjunct Research Professor at the USC Institute for Creative Technologies, is THE field expert. He will be sharing the latest innovations in making LED Lighting Reproduction the most powerful virtual production tool it can be.+ Join us also for our “The New Normal” panel discussion where industry experts will discuss how to address the current climate and what studios, producers and companies could do to combat this in the future by making the most of real time technology.
5:30 pm PST | 8:30 pm EST | 1:30 am BST (Tues.) | 2:30 am CST (Tues.) | 12:30 pm NZT (Tues.)

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