28. Februar 2016 Johannes Wolters

Stickybones: Rapid Posing & Animation Made Easy

Marco Rosenberg machte mich aufmerksam auf diese Neuheit und schlug sie für den Blog vor. Dem komme ich natürlich gerne nach:

A revolutionary animation-art figure perfectly calibrated to bring your ideas to life.

Stickybones is a highly-articulated, precision-poseable animation puppet, allowing artists, animators, students, and creatives at heart to explore expressive, gravity-defying poses quickly and easily. Stickybones is the best tool for storytellers looking to bridge the gap between your ideas to the computer. Super-flexible and extremely intuitive, Stickybones is made of engineering-grade polymers for ultimate strength combined with a sophisticated joint system, allowing you to tell your stories in a tactile, visually-engaging way.

Hier nochmals der Link zur Website!



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