1. Mai 2020 Johannes Wolters

Terminhinweis: Join RealTime Conference May 4th – FREE REGISTRATION


May the 4th be with you! I’m thrilled to invite you to our next session of the RealTime Conference on May 4th.

Don’t miss our Visual Effects Society Special Event!
11am PT | 2pm ET | 7pm BST | 8pm CEST | 6am NZT+1
Dennis Muren, legendary Visual Effects Artist and Supervisor, and Creative Director at Industrial Light & Magic, will talk about creating a galaxy, far, far away, the legacy of STAR WARS, and pioneering techniques that marked new benchmarks in visual effects… Thank you VES for partnering with us for this Special Event!

Join us for a day of fully virtual learning, networking, and uniting as a global Real-time cross-industry community! Together, we’ll explore the most advanced Real-time tools, technologies and practices that are changing the way we live and do business:

  • Design & Manufacturing – Ideation, Engineering & Manufacturing, Visualization & Collaboration
  • Real World in Real-Time – Volumetric Capture, Light Fields, Holograms
  • USD in the context of real-time – Pixar’s Universal Scene Description applicability to real-time focused pipelines
  • XR for Entertainment – Technical Uses and Artistic Insights
  • Keynote – IKEA’s progress in real time graphic

We’re counting on you to join the conversation! It’s the RealTime Conference’s mission to break down barriers, and create a universal home for real-time curious-minded professionals – cross-industry, international, interactive. Wherever in the world, whichever your industry, this is your opportunity to connect, learn, and share with leaders and cutting-edge innovators who are forging the future of Real-time engagement. You’ll be able to ask your questions directly to our top-tier speakers and join our Virtual Speakers Lounge after the presentations to connect and network with them.

I can’t wait to meet you!

Jean-Michel Blottière

Discover the highlights of upcoming sessions

Design & Manufacturing
Ideation, Engineering & Manufacturing, Visualization & Collaboration

  • Immersive Technologies Value Proposition in the Product Lifecycle
  • Lessons learnt from collective ideation in VR public installations
  • The Science Behind Ideation
  • How immersive and digital technologies are going to disrupt the way products and services are invented.
  • How digitalization and real-time is bringing to the manufacturing processes new capacities to reorganize all the processes, from the instant task up to the global supply and delivery chain.

Real World in Real-Time
Volumetric Capture, Light Fields, Holograms

  • How do you draw the line between real and virtual worlds?
  • As inventors push the technological limits of capture, rendering and display, how does that line move?
  • How do you allow creators to cross the line, and what is the potential of art & storytelling as a result of this change?
  • This panel will include creatives, technologists, inventors, and storytellers who will each present their own take on this ever-shifting boundary of reality.

USD in the context or Real-Time
Universal Scene Description (USD) is an open standard developed by Pixar to facilitate large-scale collaborative workflows in creative fields.
It has made large inroads in many of the world’s leading visual effects and feature film production facilities, as well as in some real-time and gaming workflows. It has been used as both an interchange technology as well as in runtimes that use some of its features in delivered products.

  • This panel invites leaders and innovators from a wide spectrum of experiences to discuss USD’s applicability to real-time focused pipelines, what benefits it can already bring and what benefits it could bring in the future.

XR for Entertainment
Technical Uses & Artistic Insights
XR Technology (AR, VR, MR, Game Engines, etc) has provided new platforms for storytelling and enabled novel workflows to accelerate/enhance the process of creating traditional media.

  • For technicians, where is this being applied currently, and what are the challenges and facilitators for adoption?
  • For storytellers, how does this change the creative process, and what are the considerations for distribution?
  • This panel brings together content creators and R&D practitioners from across different facets of the entertainment industry to talk about how XR technology has evolved legacy practices and where we anticipate such trends to play a key role going forward.


IKEA’s progress in real time graphics
How IKEA uses real-time graphics in consumer-facing interfaces, based upon more than 10 years 3D-production for stills and animations. Many things still need to be solved from a technical point of view with open standards. We’ll deep dive into what IKEA does externally in open standards organizations as well as our main focus areas internally now and in the future

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