9. November 2022 Johannes Wolters

Trailer: Les Voisins de mes voisins sont mes voisins [My Neighbors’ Neighbors] (2022)

Directed by : Anne-Laure Daffis, Léo Marchand

Produced by : Lardux Films, MIDRALGAR (Marmitafilms)

Genre: Animated film – Runtime: 1 h 30 min French release: 02/02/2022

Production year: 2020 In a French building, the inhabitants seem to be dealing with the hazards of life: an ogre breaks his teeth on the very same day of the annual Ogre Feast, while being asked to watch over his neighbor’s kids; a magician cuts his assistant in half and her legs run off; a hiker and his dog spend several days stuck in the elevator; an old man falls in love with a pair of legs… A truly imaginative animation film about the intertwined destinies of these unusual neighbors and their neighbors’ neighbors.


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