Uhr: Maya: Nine Curves (and a Dress)

Today we’ll create an old fashioned dress out of just 9 curves. NURBS modeling makes this possible.

And of course, you can texture the result nicely and put it in a well lit scene. No nCloth involved.

The music: „Computer Animation“ and „Revertigo“, composed and performed by me, Maximilian Schönherr, licensed via GEMA, Germany.

If you’re interested in the camera animation and texturing with Substance Alchemist, check out other tutorials in my channel such as https://youtu.be/aTO7_t3sj_Y or https://youtu.be/OYjYhb87rwo

If you feel like supporting this channel, pls visit www.patreon.com/uhr24 If you – as a Maya beginner or an advanced character animator – want to learn NURBS modeling in depth, check out Skillshare or Udemy for my 12 part NURBS course:





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