3. Juli 2019 Johannes Wolters

Währenddessen in Frankreich: Hier das Showreel von Mikros Animation

Mikros Animation is a CGI animation studio, dedicated to feature films.

Established in Paris, Montreal and London, Mikros Animation is part of Mikros Image, company of the Technicolor group.

Mikros is a French company specialized in digital visual effects, post-production and animation. For 30 years, creativity has been at the heart of our image and sound activities. Divided into fiction (Mikros Technicolor), advertising (Mikros MPC Advertising) and animation (Mikros Animation), our teams provide tools and creative expertise aligned with national and international market standards.

Present in Paris, London, Brussels, Liège and Montreal, we have been a member of Technicolor since 2015

Hier gehts zur Webseite von Mikros Animation!

Hier gehts zur Webseite von Mikros image!

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