28. Mai 2017 Johannes Wolters

Wien: Medienkonferenz UNDER THE RADAR – 29.5.-1.6. 2017

The symposium “Under-the-Radar” is an annual interdisciplinary conference for animation, experimental film, media art and connected fields of research and production.

The focus of this forum is the discussion of topics and ideas before they fully appear in the center of public recognition and the mainstream of public media. Our attention is directed towards the fringes, the borders and the areas that appear to some more unclear, probably more vague and often harder to grasp.

The program of this meeting includes traditional academic and artistic presentations, discussions and other events that encourage exchange and interaction between all participants, on stage and in the audience. In addition, we are programming screenings of experimental and animated films, we scheduled openings of exhibitions, and we provide an engaging environment for communication and networking.

Montag 29.5.2017 um 19:00 Opening Reception zum heurigen Thema „Success Success“ im Metrokinokulturhaus.
Danach: Filmprogramm „Contemporary Austrian Animated Experiments“.
Von Dienstag 30.5. 2017, 10:30 bis Donnerstag 1.6.2017 Vorträge und Präsentationen im Museumsquartier, Raum D/Q21 
Keynote-Speaker Maureen Furniss (Cal Arts USA), Pierre Floquet (FR), Martin Reinhard (AT), Maike Höhne + Sarah Schüssel (D), Andrea Robles Jiménez (Mex), Sandra Richter + Anna Greger(AT), Reinhold Bidner (AT), Peter Chanthanakone (CAN), Maggie Chung (CN), Osbert Parker (GB).
Dienstag und Mittwoch 30. und 31.5.2017 Animationsscreenings „Exploring the Veil“ und „ Success or Vision“ im Metrokinokulturhaus, sowie das Filmprogramm und die Verleihung des Radar Awards 2017
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