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765874 – Regeneration (4K) by Carlos Baena

[With the permission of the author!]

Carlos Baena wrote on LinkedIn:

Excited to share a new Promo piece that I directed for Star Trek’s Roddenberry Estate (The Roddenberry Foundation) and Rodenberry Archives through a collaboration with OTOY. Honored to have been asked a third time to direct for them, thank you Jules Urbach. The crew and talent I got to work with on this piece was inspiring on every level. This marks my fifth collaboration with spanish friend and VFX powerhouse JJ Palomo (Big Lazy Robot) who I collaborated on both previous promos and LoveDeathRobots. Also worked closely with Aaron Westwood and Neil Smith as they delivered breathtaking CG work constantly until the very last hour. Music by friend and composer Johan Söderqvist (Let The Right One In) who also did the score for my short film ‘La Noria’. As I was working on it outside my current job for a while, big thank you to Vicky Huey for being patience with me for the last few months.

Was able to include a few shots done with my Sony A7SIII and holding up ok against bigger cameras in the promo. Watch in 4K and good speakers. Was also responsible for the edit, CC and the sound design/mix of this little piece. Will post some behind the scenes on different areas in the upcoming days. Credits below.

“765874: Regeneration”

Director: Carlos Baena
Director of Photography: Leonidas Jarmaillo
Orbital Studios, Studio Head: AJ Wedding
Unreal Operators: Wilder Herms, Emir Cerman
Tracking Operator: Mark Poletti
Gaffer: Hunter Laizure
1st AC: Mac Myers
2nd AC: Theo Malkin
Key Grip: CJ Colace
Dolly Grip: Matt Corder
VFX Artists: JJ Palomo, Neil Smith, Aaron Westwood, Mike Ashton, John Lee, FernandoSanchez
Otoy Team: Mike Ashton, Phillip Gara, Sarah Gillespie, Chris Hekman, Apryl Krakovsky, Ethan Teller, Charlie Wallace, Kristina Wallace.
Storyboards: Caleb Westwood
Editor / Sound Design / Mix: Carlos Baena
Music by Johan Söderqvist

Cast: Lawrence Selleck, Mahé Thaissa, Adam Hagenbuch

Hair and Makeup: Emma Croft, Kyrsta Morehouse
Costume: Mio Guberinic
SFX Makeup: Hamer FX
Practical Effects
Studio Gillis


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