Allan McKay: ILM Manager of Emerging Talent Kim Paris Shares How to Land Your DREAM JOB in VFX

Ever dreamed of working for ILM? Then this interview with ILM’s Manager of Emerging Talent Kim Paris is for YOU!

In this career advice, Kim gives job interview and demo reel tips ANYONE CAN USE, no matter your medium. She talks about how to: • Embrace your strengths and weaknesses; • Remember your passion as a storyteller; • Use quality over quantity on your reel; • Demonstrate your work first; • Know what role you’re applying to; • Know how to speak about your work; • Avoid demo reel red flags; • Be honest about the work you’ve done! Since 1975, Industrial Light & Magic (ILM) has set the standard for visual effects, creating some of the most stunning images in the history of film. At the forefront of the digital revolution, ILM continues to break new ground in the field not only in visual effects but now virtual reality, augmented reality, immersive entertainment, and virtual production. Founded by George Lucas, ILM is the leading effects facility in the world, with studios located in San Francisco, Singapore, Vancouver, London, and Sydney. The company serves the motion picture, television, streaming, commercial production, and attraction industries. ILM has created visual effects for over 350 feature films. Industrial Light & Magic is a Lucasfilm Ltd. company serving the digital needs of the entertainment industry for visual effects. ILM has been awarded 3 Emmy Awards, 15 Academy Awards for Best Visual Effects, and received 33 Academy Awards for Scientific and Technical Achievements that have had an indelible impact on the art of filmmaking. Allan and Kim also talk about some visual effects how to, as well as give advice and tips on how to follow your passion; adapt, overcome and improvise. No matter if you’re changing careers or just looking for your career breakthrough, the advice is the same: As long as you’re open to grow, constantly learn, innovate yourself, adapt and improvise – as long as you’re not afraid to be outside your comfort zone – you will achieve success in your artist career! But remember your passion as a storyteller.


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