8. Juni 2016 Johannes Wolters

Alles scheint in Ordnung: 80 new projects of TV series will be presented at Cartoon Forum 2016

Pressemitteilung von Cartoon:

In 27 years, the Cartoon Forum has played an essential role in structuring the European market, by creating a true network of transborder cooperation, by restoring confidence in the relationship between producers and broadcasters, and by showing that there is sufficient on offer, of quality, within the European Union.
And the results are considerable.

European animation has become the leader on its own territory.

  • France leads the selection with 26 projects followed by UK and Ireland.
  • More than 50% of projects are cross-media.
  • Spotlight on Ireland!

The French city of Toulouse will host the 27th edition of Cartoon Forum, the co-production platform for European animation series that will present 80 new projects from across Europe from 13-16 September 2016.Over the past quarter of a century, Cartoon Forum has steadily grown in quality and size. This year a record was reached: 22 countries have selected projects.About 850 sector professionals will have the opportunity to discover some 480 hours of animated series that can boast of original stories and innovative visual material.

New this year: one Canadian project will be presented at Cartoon Forum 2016 in order to expand the collaboration established at Cartoon Connection Canada: „Snowsnaps“ de CarpeDiem.
This project has been selected by several European broadcasters present in October 2015: CBBC-BBC Children’s UK, France Télévisions, Walt Disney UK, YLE Finland, Channel 5 – milkshake! UK and Canal+ France.
For the second year, Korean projects will be also presented:

  • „Tori’s adventures“ from Tori Design
  • „Slow Slow Sloth NEUL“ from J.Bugs
  • „Bellboy Luke“ from Anyzac

The two first projects have been selected by 5 European broadcasters‘ representatives (France Télévisions, M6, Canal+ and Turner France) and the third project by SK Broadband as a special Award during the last edition of Cartoon Connection Asia-Europe.

In addition, three projects that were pitched at Cartoon Springboard 2015, event for the emergence of young talents, were selected for the Cartoon Forum 2016: „Planet Z“ by Pyjama Films, „The Wind-Ups“ by Leonstudio and „The Piracy of Princess Priceless“ by Adriatic Animation..

 Pre-school series from 2 to 5 years represent one fourth of the projects

In line with the growing number of children’s television channels across Europe, 53% of the projects are aimed at children 6-11 years. Pre-school series represent one fourth of the projects and 10% of the shows are aimed at the „new“ target of young adults and adults.


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