1. Januar 2017 Johannes Wolters

Animation als Gegenstand universitären Forschens: „Animation Studies Online Journal“

Hier der Link zum „Animation Studies Online Journal“

mit Zugang zu zahlreichen geisteswissenschaftlichen Artikeln zum Thema Animation, im Auftrag der SAS, der Society for Animation Studies.

Hier das Editorial:

Animation Studies is the Society for Animation Studies’ peer-reviewed online journal. It publishes the society’s conference proceedings and is open to submissions from SAS members. Submissions are accepted on a continuous basis. The journal’s main language is English, but submissions in other languages are also accepted and published with an English abstract. Articles are published at irregular intervals. There is one volume per year, which is cumulative. All articles are licensed under a Creative Commons license and are available for download free of charge.Articles are available in HTML and PDF. You need the free Adobe Acrobat Reader in order to view PDF files. If you prefer to see the text in HTML or are looking for previously published articles, please use the navigation sidebar to jump to the respective sections.If you have questions concerning the journal, please contact editor Dr. Amy Ratelle at journal@animationstudies.org.

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