27. Juni 2018 Johannes Wolters

Animation Is All About The Walk

Sources- I Drew Roger Rabbit – https://bit.ly/2yNB49L Richard Williams on Male and Female Walks – https://bit.ly/2KoHRLD Animating Art (doc about Art Babbitt) – https://bit.ly/2lAVmto Do It Yourself Animation Show (Williams teaches about the contact and passing positions) – https://bit.ly/2KsLbp1 Eric Goldberg’s advice for young animators – https://bit.ly/2KvyWI6

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Music by: “Circa 1980“ by Bonus Points – https://soundcloud.com/bonuspoints “A Beautiful Spring Day“ by George Bruns “Why Grumpy, You Do Care“ by Paul J. Smith & Leigh Harline “Darkness Into Light“ by John Tavener “Wonderful“ by Dyalla Swain – https://soundcloud.com/dyallas

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