Animator Guild Short Film Contest 2023 – Quarter-Finals

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Music opening credits:
Spider Tank by Onumi…

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Water Joy by Andrew „Balto“ Dawson
Attention Darling by AO-Mation Animation
Oggun. The Penitent by Carlos Daniel Leon Hernandez / @whiteleon1939
True Light Theory by Edymation Studios / @edymations714
Revolt by Jack__animation
Snowman Streetrace by Jade Sund
Arduous by Kawiin
Hot Ramen by kristmmm
The Labyrinth by Livia Meo / @meogatopreto
In Forever by ManLeonardo / @flintrockstudios
Uncaged Wish by Manuel „Tamu Animations“ Araujo / @tamuanimations
Different But Together by Muhammad Ardiansyah
FindYourWay by Octy Drawz / @octydrawz
Punch dance by Okwoche „STRONG 23“ Ebinyi
The Shipwrecked Siren by polychromatiica / @polychromatiica1087
Galrian the Gray World by Richard „ArchEagle95“ Janfada „“
Two Doggies ep Fish-Mash by Eva Luize „Finkenda from Flying Brain Inc.“ Zvejniece / @wingbrain
Reverse the regret by Sanjana Bodhe…
Animal Quest Episode 2 by Sophia Bliss „
Circus by Sydney Bertagnole
Take Flight by TheTailedArtist / @thetailedartist
Guard is Dead by Yash Kumar
VisionsFromBeyond by Sawayda_Studios / @sawaydakstudios

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