Annecy 2023: Migration – Chris Meledandri & Benjamin Renner – Interview (EN)

INTERVIEW FESTIVAL of Chris Meledandri & Benjamin Renner producer and director of „“Migration““ during the Annecy 2023 International Animation Film Festival in which Chris Meledandri received a golden ticket.

QUESTIONS / CHAPTERS : 0:00 – Introduction 0:43 – You received the festival Golden Tichet but also a big surprise. Can you tell us about this moment? 1:45 -Benjamin, can you explain how surprised you were when Chris reached for the Migration project? 4:08 – How did you reach Pierre Coffin ? 8:44 – Can you explain how Migration is unic for human and artistic values? 10:43 – What is the your key to understand our world through your drawings? 16:02 – What are you doing with your Golden Ticket ?

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