Broken Edge – Announcement Trailer | PS VR2 Games

Pick up a sword and hone your martial art skills in Broken Edge, coming to PS VR2 on Sep 19!

Get ready to experience your ultimate warrior fantasy in fierce 1v1 battles. Choose among the most iconic fighters such as a Samurai, a Knight, or a Pirate (8 characters will be available at launch). Wield their weapons to smash your enemies online to ascend the leaderboard. You might even achieve victory in one single stroke! But here’s the twist: each class boasts a unique playstyle inspired by their distinct martial art. For example, the Duelist is all about fencing, while the Samurai executes rapid slash / pause / quick slash patterns. The more you master their playstyle, the more your blade fills with energy, inflicting severe damage upon your opponents… perhaps even leading to their demise! The gaming experience is elevated by the inclusion of adaptive triggers and haptics support.


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