18. Mai 2023 Johannes Wolters

Cannes Next | AI Apocalypse or Revolution? Rethinking Creativity, Content & Cinema in the Age of AI

In 2023 alone, the growth of AI tools has been nothing short of astonishing. With ChatGPT reaching a whopping 100 million users and Dalle E and Midjourney becoming household names, the generative and creativity-driven AI era is here to stay. AI has emerged as a transformative force, revolutionizing industries and reshaping how we manage and perceive creativity, content, and cinema. The boundaries between human imagination and machine capabilities are blurring, opening up a realm of limitless possibilities. But on the other, the film industry finds itself at a critical juncture. The exponential growth of AI tools raises questions about human creativity’s future. How will these tools shape how we produce, consume, and interact with content? What ethical challenges must we navigate to ensure the responsible integration of synthetic media into our artistic endeavors? Hear from serial entrepreneur Hovhannes Avoyan and the founders behind the revolutionary creativity platform Picsart where creativity will evolve with AI tools. Explore where synthetic audio with Anna Bulakh, the ethics expert from Respeecher, behind the voices of Darth Vader and many loved characters in the Star Wars universe. Plus, explore the most thrilling AI tools, including his brainchild, ReReview AI, and its transformative impact on online content and cinema from Sander Saar, the visionary futurist, and strategist. In this hour-long panel session, we invite you to embark on a journey of discovery, exploring the cutting-edge developments in AI and its profound impact on creativity. Brace yourself for an energizing discussion as our panelists share their visionary insights, bold predictions, and thought-provoking perspectives. Together, let us reimagine the future of creativity, content, and cinema in this age of AI.

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