Cardiff Animation Nights Online #18

Welcome to the Cardiff Animation Nights Online #18! To enable English subtitles just press the ‚CC‘ in the corner of the video. All the films screened tonight were submitted and are eligible for the Cardiff Animation Nights Award in December!

If you would like to submit a film head over to

Films Screened:

On Track Directed by Rachel Shen

Going Going Directed by Lauren Allex

Assemblage Directed by Cecily Russo

Password to the ***** Directed by Adél Szegedi

Hand Directed by Tsz-Wing Ho

Lead Me On Directed by Neha Viswanath

Crest Directed by Dylan Donaldson

Offerlamm Directed by Tova Persson

Cat and Moth Directed by India Barnardo

Trojan Horace Directed by Scott Graham

Advisory 15+

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