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Cartoon Movie 2024 • Discover the selected projects! – CARTOON MOVIE – 5-7 March 2024 – Bordeaux, Nouvelle-Aquitaine

55 projects have made up the selection of Cartoon Movie, the co-production and pitching event for European animated feature films that will take place in the French city of Bordeaux, Nouvelle-Aquitaine on 5-7 March. The selected works capture European animation current creative diversity. Led by France, Spain, Belgium, Germany, Norway, the line-up includes mostly projects in development (33) and in concept (13), next to 5 films in production and 4 in sneak preview.

We are very proud to present a quick overview on the line-up of projects.


The territory represented by 4 projects
The Nouvelle-Aquitaine stands out in the 2024 Cartoon Movie selection with 4 projects. Three projects are supported by the Nouvelle-Aquitaine Region: „Picasso in Royan“ by Benoît Laure, „Into the Wonderwoods“ by Vincent Parronaud & Alexis Ducord, and „Living Large“ by Kristina Dufkovà.
„Picasso in Royan“ as well as „The Line“ are supported by the Département Charente.

In a nutshell: directors and authors pitching at Cartoon Movie 2024

Seasoned directors will present their latest projects in Concept as Alain Ughetto (director of „No Dogs or Italians Allowed“, 2022) with „Rose and the Marmots“, or Alessandro Rak (director and co-writer of „The Art of Happiness“, 2013 – Winner of the 2014 European Film Awards for European Animated Feature Film) with „The Little Prince of Shangri-La“.

In Development, we will discover „Dog my cats!“ by Alain Gagnol (co-director of „Nina and the Hedgehog’s Secret“, 2023), „Out of Frame“ by Toby Genkel (director of „The Amazing Maurice”, 2022), „Summer in the Hood“ by Jean-Pascal Zadi (actor, director and author) & Louis Clichy (co-director of „Asterix: The Mansions of the Gods“, 2014), „The Wild Inside“ by Patrick Imbert (author and director of „The Summit of the Gods“, 2021).

First animated images of films in Production will be shown by Alexis Ducord (co-director of „Zombillénium“, 2017) & Vincent Parronaud (author and director of „Persepolis“) with „Into the Wonderwoods“, or the directors duo Kari Juusonen & Jørgen Lerdam (directors of „The Incredible Story of the Giant Pear”, 2017) with „Niko – Beyond the Northern Lights“.

We’ll have the great pleasure to discover in Sneak Preview: „Elli“ directed by Jesper Møller, Piet de Rycker & Jens Møller, as well as „Kensuke’s Kingdom“ (nominated for the Annecy Cristal Award in 2023) by Neil Boyle & Kirk Hendry„Living Large“ directed by Kristina Dufková, or „SuperKlaus“ by Steven Majaury („Mission Kathmandu: The Adventures of Nelly & Simon“, 2017) & Andrea Sebastiá.

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Since its first edition in 1999, 458 films have been financially supported by Cartoon Movie with a total budget of 3 billion €. We are eager to discover many more creative, entertaining and powerful feature film projects.


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