19. März 2021 Johannes Wolters

Cartoon Saloon/Kíla/Butler Gallery – The Soundscapes of WolfWalkers with KILA

To visit the virtual WolfWalkers exhibition at the Butler Gallery, please visit: https://www.butlergallery.ie/whats-on…

Music, voice and background sounds are all key creative elements in the success of film. This special panel discussion brings together Kíla band members and the sound experts that worked on the soundtrack to explain and demonstrate how specially composed soundscapes contributes to the experience of WolfWalkers.


Rossa Ó Snodaigh

Rónán Ó Snodaigh

Colm Ó Snodaigh

James Mahon

Piste Rouge

Sebastien Marquilly – Sound Designer

Phillippe Fontaine – Sound Editor

Brian Seznac – Production Manager


Cartoon Saloon

Ann Mulrooney – Studio Manager

Butler Gallery

Alan Kirwan – Learning & Public Engagement Curator

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