Daisy Ridley / The Inventor (2023) / Recording „From This Tiny Seed“ song (by Alex Mandel)


Jim Capobianco is bringing the world of LEONARDO DA VINCI to life in a new stylized, stop motion puppet and 2D hand drawn animated film for families & children of all ages. Voiced by Stephen Fry (Leonardo), Daisy Ridley (Marguerite), Marion Cotillard (Louise de Savoy) and Matt Berry (Pope X).

Discover a playful toy-like world of invention featuring flying machines, kings, queens and sneaky spies, where nothing seems to go right for the world’s greatest inventor, and he is always running out of time. At the centre of it all is the audacious and ever questioning Princess Marguerite (Daisy Ridley) who is the key to solving Leonardo’s (Stephen Fry) quest for the meaning of life.

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