15. Dezember 2017 Johannes Wolters

Have a look: Death Star Construction Timelapse

(c) Disney

This video is a personal project (fan film) created by myself and my FX-guru brother Isaac Botkin. He planned and crafted all the visuals in Lightwave 3D, and I composed the original score. The goal was to come up with an original melody, but keep it very much within the style and flavor of John William’s iconic Star Wars scores. This piece was created with 100% virtual instruments, featuring the following libraries:

Berlin Brass (Orchestral Tools) Berlin Woodwinds (Orchestral Tools) Berlin Woodwinds Expansion B – Soloists (Orchestral Tools) Berlin Strings (Orchestral Tools) Berlin Percussion (Orchestral Tools) Metropolis Ark 1 (Orchestral Tools) Metropolis Ark 2 (Orchestral Tools) Soaring Strings (Musical Sampling) Adventure Strings (Musical Sampling) CinePerc Core (CineSamples) Skaila Kanga – Harp Redux (Spitfire Audio) (a couple misc perc FX from various libraries)

My website: www.benbotkin.com

Isaac’s Website: www.isaacbotkin.com

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