Disney V. DeSantis: Why Florida’s Governor Took On America’s Media Giant

The political feud between Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis and Disney has been heating up for the last few months. In April 2023, Disney filed a First Amendment lawsuit against DeSantis, accusing the governor of waging a ‘targeted campaign of government retaliation.” DeSantis, who’s preparing for a 2024 presidential campaign on the GOP ticket, says he isn’t backing down. So how did this all begin? And who will come out on top, once it’s all done?


0:00 — INTRO

1:03 — The backstory of Disney v. DeSantis

4:31 — The fight over special districts

7:38 — The high-stakes legal battle

10:22 — What’s next?

Produced by: Jeff Huang and Devan Burris Script by: Jeff Huang Edited by: Dennis Donovan Graphics by: Andrea Schmitz Reporting by: Alex Sherman and Brian Schwartz Narration by: Andrea Miller Camera by: Brad Howard


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