8. Juni 2020 Johannes Wolters

Don’t miss RTC June 8&9 Fantastic Lineup!

Don’t miss our fantastic lineup on June 8 & 9!

Join us and learn from top-notch speakers from Weta Digital, Microsoft, Epic Games, Paramount, Warner Brothers Games, Intel, Verizon Media/ Ryot, Industrial Light & Magic, Technicolor, Nexus, MPC, Framestore, Riot Games, MIT, Facebook Reality Labs, NVIDIA… Not to forget Tools of Tomorrow Real-Time Live Demos… and exclusive keynotes from Jan Pinkava, Ken Perlin, Nigel Tierney and more!
If you haven’t already, register now! We invite the community to contribute according to their means, still offering a free option for those who can’t support us financially at the moment.


Our June 8 & 9 program features an exciting roster of speakers exploring “Virtual Production region by region: Europe”, “Digital Humans | Artificial Intelligence | Machine Learning | GANs”, “Games Cinematics”, “Immersive Storytelling”, “Spatial Computing”, “Haptics”, “The Client to Cloud Revolution”, and more.

Live Demos, Exclusive Keynotes, Panel Discussions and Fireside Chats…
We bring you the best of the best of the Real-Time Community
to enjoy from the comfort of your home!

Virtual Production Region by Region: Europe

MONDAY JUNE 8, starting 5:30 am PT | 8:30 am ET | 1:30 pm BST | 2:30 pm CEST | 8:30 pm Sydney
Explore Virtual Production innovations region by region beginning with a European focus from Stiller Studios, Atlas V, Industrial Light & Magic London, MPC, Technicolor, Epic Games…

Immersive Storytelling

TUESDAY JUNE 9, starting 5:30 am PT | 8:30 am ET | 1:30 pm BST | 2:30 pm CEST | 8:30 pm Sydney
Boost your inspiration and join award-winning Creative Director Jan Pinkava as he discusses “Real Stories and Fake Storytelling” through his experience creating the iconic Geri’s Game, Ratatouille and Google Spotlight Stories. Enjoy NYU Future of Reality Lab Director & Professor Ken Perlin discussing “How to Build a Holodeck”, and The Third Floor Creative Technology Supervisor & VFX Designer Gary MarshallEntering The Tomb of Tutankhamen”…

The Next Era of Computing of Computing

MONDAY JUNE 8, starting 8:00 am PT | 11:00 am ET | 4:00 pm BST | 5:00 pm CEST | 11:00 pm Sydney
For those curious about the Future of Computing, Neil Schneider, Executive Director of The International Future Computing Association (TIFCA), has cooked a wonderful menu, including a keynote by Steve Sullivan, Microsoft Partner and Mixed Reality Capture Studios General Manager about “Volumetric Video for Mixed Reality and Beyond”! Raja Koduri, Chief Architect, Senior Vice President and GM – Intel Architecture, Graphics and Software at Intel Corporation, will join our Founder Jean-Michel Blottiere for an exclusive fireside chat where they’ll answer questions from our keynote speakers and share a vision where petaflops of compute and petabytes of data are a few single digit milliseconds away from every person on the planet!

Digital Humans | Artificial Intelligence | Machine Learning | GANs
TUESDAY JUNE 9, starting 3:15 pm PT | 6:15 pm ET | 11:15 pm BST | 0:15 am CEST (Wed.) | 6:15 am Sydney (Wed.)
This series of talks will focus on the new advances in de-aging, face replacement, and re-voicing (VDR). You will meet Weta Digital Senior Research Scientist Andrew Glassner, NVIDIA Director of Graphics AI Simon Yuen, Pinscreen CEO Hao Li, MPC New York VFX Supervisor Thiago Porto, and Canny AI Co-Founder Jonathan Heimann as they discuss forging the future of Neural Rendering. Get ready for mind-blowing demos and in-depth presentations!

Games Cinematics, The Ever Evolving Real-Time Cinematic

MONDAY JUNE 8, 5:35 pm PT | 8:35 pm ET | 1:35 am BST (Tue.) | 2:35 am CEST (Tue.) | 8:35 am Sydney (Tue.)
This track will address the continually blurring line between what it means to be a movie and what it means to be a game. Sessions will bring together creators and innovators from the game industry to talk about embracing the arrival of high-end, real-time cinematics, share some of the difficulties in creating them. Experts will also talk about their continuing evolution in today’s gaming experience, including Microsoft Cinematics Director at The Coalition Studio, Greg Mitchell, who will discuss making the jump to real-time with Gears of War 5.

NEW! Live Demos!

Throughout our 2-day event, we will feature three Real-Time Live demos from top-notch start-ups to follow. Glassbox Technologies will showcase their solution for real-time, cross-application, multi-user workflow for virtual production. PocketStudio will create a short movie live, in front of your very eyes, with four users located in France, Sweden and Germany. Garou will demo its high fidelity, multi-user platform built on Epic Games‘ Unreal Engine.
Get inspired & check out videos from our past events! You can also access recordings of speakers from our earlier RealTime Conference sessions here. Free access is available for a limited time.
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