18. September 2017 Johannes Wolters

HAVE A LOOK: „The European Animation Plan“

„The European animation sector has the potential to flourish and build scale over the coming years and the European Commission has recognised the importance of this sector and facilitated discussions with the animation industry on the opportunities and challenges that the industry faces and on how best to promote and distribute animation works. The European Animation Plan is the result of these meetings, consultations and discussions with all the stakeholders involved, and reflects the views of industry players.“

„The success of European animation may prove that the industry’s growth lays in pursuing the same path of collaboration, innovation and creativity.

The animation sector has teamed up in a series of workshops organised by the European Commission to reflect how to unleash the potential of European animation.  We would like to thank the Commission for having organised this reflection on the challenges we are faced with and on the significant opportunities in the audiovisual and technological world. 

We looked into what made our success stories possible and into what this amazing industry needs in order to carry the success forward. The workshops were great occasions to discuss training needs, global trends in the field of animation, co-productions, promotion and other aspects impacting the marketplace.

What do we want to achieve? 

The Animation Plan sets three objectives for the following years:

– Fostering the global reach and appeal of EU animation;
– Making Europe a great place to work for European talent and talent from abroad;
– Making access to finance easier.

We are proud to present the Animation Plan. But this is not the end of the journey. We will continue the discussions with the European Commission on how best the MEDIA programmecan respond to these objectives not only in the current MEDIA programme but also beyond 2020.

Each of us has a role to play: animation studios, animation schools, markets, festivals, Creative Europe Media, and public funds in general.

We all have to work together and contribute to making this plan a reality!

Christian Davin (President) & Marc Vandeweyer (General Director)“

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