19. Juli 2015 Johannes Wolters

Wien: FAAVSP – The 1st Joint Conference on Facial Analysis, Animation and Auditory-Visual Speech Processing

Genndy Tartakowsky11-13 September, 2015 Vienna, Austria

This conference brings together two established interdisciplinary conferences:
The International Symposium on Facial Analysis and Animation (FAA)
The International Conference on Auditory-Visual Speech Processing (AVSP)

Both conferences have a common focus on facial communication research. FAA focuses on facial animation analysis and synthesis addressed in the fields of computer graphics, computer vision and psychology. AVSP focuses on how auditory and visual speech information plays a role in human perception, machine recognition, and human-machine interaction.
The two conferences attract researchers from diverse fields, such as speech processing, computer graphics and computer vision, psychology, neuroscience, linguistics, robotics and electrical engineering.

The aim of this first joint conference is to bring together, from both academia and industry, the two communities of facial animation (FAA) and audiovisual speech (AVSP) to discuss research and exchange ideas, data and experiences.

Programm: http://faavsp2015.ftw.at/FAAVSP_Program.pdf
Website:  http://faavsp2015.ftw.at/

Zeichnung: Genndy Tartakowsky für Johannes Wolters

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