FILM Courage: Raising Money For A Movie Is A Game: Here Is How To Play – Sean Reid

In this Film Courage video interview, Filmmaker Sean Reid discussed his experiences with investor meetings, which can take place in various locations, such as coffee shops or high-end hotels, or even over the phone.

Sean emphasized the importance of establishing a mutual understanding of the deal points before involving lawyers. They typically present a detailed deck and supporting documentation for the project during the pitch. Sean Reid is a veteran Producer/Director/Writer of feature films, television programming, news and music specials.

His television experience includes management roles at E! NEWS LIVE (E!) andTHE ROB NELSON SHOW (Fox), as well as producer position and SQUARE OFF (TV Guide Channel) and CENTRAL AVE (Fox). In addition to running his own production company New Cinema Tribe and a new streaming network WORLD ONE TV, he has produced, DEATHDAY, BAD EYES, BROWN VIBES: THE STORY OF REDEMPTION, REDEMPTION, HORRORS OF WAR, RHYMECOLOGY: WRITE BETTER RHYMES, ALIENS VS BIGFOOT and upcoming feature CRAVING.

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