Florian Aupetit: FAMILLE PIRATE – JOUR 1

Francis had always been stubborn about not installing a fence around the field. He believed it would interfere with his freedom. As a result, whenever Jeanine wanted to play a match, they had to play on their respective sides of the net and against the wall. Because he was tired of constantly fetching balls from the sea below and losing to Jeanine, who happened to be much stronger than him. And so he always ended up playing by himself. After spending an hour sweeping the yard (which included a 45-minute chat with the neighbor over the hedge), Francis suddenly heard Jeanine running up the stairs, shouting, „He’s here!“ It turned out their son had returned home for a short visit. He had been working on the opposite side of the Mediterranean and it was a crisis for everyone except the pirates. Therefore, seeing the seaplane about to ruin his afternoon’s work, Francis felt a twinge of anger. Yet, he found joy in the presence of his son, making everything else irrelevant.


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