18. April 2017 Johannes Wolters

FMX 2017: Fascinating Connection between VFX and Real-Time

Pressemitteilung von Mackevision

When FMX, the International Conference on Animation, Effects, VR, Games and Transmedia opens its doors in Stuttgart from May 2 to 5, Mackevision will be one of the major players there. The conference’s motto is “Automotive Industries Meet Real-Time” and Mackevision’s platform will be all about the automotive industry and the use of virtual reality applications.

Hier gehst zur Website von Mackevision!

The two keynote speakers, VFX supervisor Juri Stanossek and Head of Real-time Benny Glende, will present the world of Mackevision to attendees and demonstrate the fusion of real and virtual realities. “Virtual worlds are the new realities – the borders between virtual and genuine reality are becoming ever more blurred,” explains Benny Glende. The visualizations of the Stuttgart-based VFX and real-time experts show real and digital realities and combine the two to create a new present.” At Mackevision, digital no longer means the opposite of real. Our expertise from the automotive industry makes us the ideal partner when it’s a case of using VFX and real-time applications in automotive development and marketing“.

For many years Mackevision has been supporting premium clients in the automotive industry in creating the required processes – from data preparation to visualization and developed a wealth of technical expertise in the process. The right content is produced to suit requirements and the channel. As a result reproducible quality is guaranteed and the best-possible visualization solution is delivered to the client at each touchpoint on the customer journey. “We’re delighted that we’re here again this year to contribute our expertise and give examples from the real world,” comments Juri Stanossek. “All the projects we’ve successfully pulled off for the automotive industry show us how we can provide the best from our core competencies – both for our clients and their consumers. A typical example is the synergy between visual effects and real-time solutions”.

The company’s showcase will be rounded out by a look behind the scenes at the exciting project portfolio: Experts will be on hand to talk to in the recruiting hub. And they will also be at the Automotive Dinner in the Porsche Museum, which will take place on the first evening of the FMX week.


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