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Gast-Kommentar: Ilija Brunck, Woodblock: Why are you still pitching?

Why are you still pitching?

We have a policy at Woodblock that we do not engage in unpaid pitches.

When we get approached by a brand directly and communicate them this policy, they usually have no problem with it and find a way to make it work.
When Agencies reach out, the situation is a bit different. They mostly tell us that they have no way to get their client to pay for a pitch.

Haha, the above by itself is quite interesting right?

Yet, there’s more to discover. Often we get the feedback from agency producers that they would actually wish that all creative companies would have that policy. And I totally get it. Just think about how it must feel to explain to almost everybody that went through the unpaid process with you that they have lost the pitch. And that all the effort they had put in for nothing was indeed worth nothing.

I know of course that there have been many discussions about the topic over the years and that almost everybody in the industry agrees that this system is deeply flawed. That’s why I find it extra fascinating that it is still the normal modus operandi.

Sure, the world can not be changed overnight. But we have to start somewhere.

That’s why, the below is to my EP/MD/Founder colleagues from German animation companies:

If we all start saying no to unpaid pitches from now, where do you think Agencies and brands will go with their animation needs?
I would assume still to the exact same places.

So why not do it? Let’s simply put an end to this. Piff paff, done.

Would love to hear what holds you back?

Is there any argument that can be made why engaging in unpaid pitches is a good thing?

Ilija Brunck, Woodblock


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