4. November 2016 Johannes Wolters

Have a first look: Luxx Film, Stuttgart proudly presents the Official Teaser of „MANOU THE SWIFT“

Herzlichen Glückwunsch an das Team um Andrea Block und Christian Haas von Luxx Film in Stuttgart. Hier ist der offizielle Teaser zum Film „Manou the Swift“. Viel Spaß beim Ansehen!

LUXX Film GmbH presents the first official Teaser for „MANOU the SWIFT“ online, an animated Feature from Germany released 2017 to entertain Families in Cinemas worldwide. If you enjoyed it, please share with your family and friends, e.g. Facebook.com/manoutheswift. Thank you.

The little swift Manou grows up believing he’s a seagull. Learning to fly he finds out he never will be. Shocked, he runs away from home. He meets birds of his own species and finds out who he really is. When both seagulls and swifts face a dangerous threat, Manou becomes the hero of the day.

Website: Luxx Film

Website: SOLA MEDIA (World Sales)



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