16. Juli 2019 Johannes Wolters

Hier die Emmy Nominierungen in den Bereichen Animation & VFX

Komplette Liste:


Outstanding Animated Program

Big Mouth • The Planned Parenthood Show • Netflix • A Netflix Original Production
Bob’s Burgers • Just One Of The Boyz 4 Now For Now • FOX • 20th Century Fox / Bento Box Entertainment
BoJack Horseman • Free Churro • Netflix • Tornante Productions, LLC
Come Along With Me (Adventure Time) • Cartoon Network • Cartoon Network Studios
The Simpsons • Mad About The Toy • FOX • Gracie Films in association with 20th Century Fox Television

Outstanding Short Form Animated Program

Love, Death & Robots • The Witness • Netflix • Blur Studio

Robot Chicken • Why Is It Wet? • Adult Swim • Stoopid Buddy Stoodios
SpongeBob SquarePants • Plankton Paranoia • Nickelodeon • Nickelodeon
Steven Universe • Reunited • Cartoon Network • Cartoon Network Studios
Teen Titans Go! • Nostalgia Is Not A Substitute For An Actual Story • Cartoon Network • Warner Bros. Animation


Outstanding Special Visual Effects

Game Of Thrones • The Bells • HBO • HBO Entertainment in association with Bighead, Littlehead; 360 Television/StartlingTelevision
Joe Bauer, Lead Visual Effects Supervisor
Steve Kullback, Lead Visual Effects Producer
Adam Chazen, Visual Effects Associate Producer
Sam Conway, Special Effec s Supervisor
Mohsen Mousavi, Visual Effects Supervisor
Martin Hill, Visual Effects Supervisor
Ted Rae, Visual Effect s Plate Supervisor
Patrick Tiberius Gehlen, Previs Lead
Thomas Schelesny, Visual Effects and Animation Supervisor

The Man In The High Castle • Jahr Null • Prime Video • Amazon Studios
Lawson Deming, Senior VFX Supervisor
Cory Jamieson, VFX Executive Producer
Casi Blume, CG Supervisor
Nick Chamberlain, Comp Supervisor
Bill Parker, Comp Supervisor
Saber Jlassi, Dynamics Lead
Chris Parks, Animation Lead
Brian Hobert , Comp Lead
Danielle Malambri, VFX Coordinator

The Orville • Identity Part II • FOX • 20th Century Fox Television
Luke McDonald, Visual Effects Supervisor
Tommy Tran, Visual Effects Supervisor
Kevin Lingenfelser, Visual Effects Supervisor
Nhat Phong Tran, Visual Effects Supervisor
Brooke Noska, Visual Effects Producer
Melissa Delong, Visual Effects Producer
Brandon Fayette, DFX Supervisor
Matt Von Brock, CG Supervisor
Joseph Vincent Pike, Compositing Supervisor

Star Trek: Discovery • Such Sweet Sorrow, Part 2 • CBS (CBS All Access) • CBS Television Studios / Secret Hideout /Roddenberry Entertainment
Jason Michael Zimmerman, VFX Supervisor
Ante Dekovic, VFX Supervisor
Ivan Kondrup Jensen, VFX Supervisor
Mahmoud Rahnama, Associate VFX Supervisor
Alexander Wood, VFX Plate Supervisor
Aleksandra Kochoska, VFX Producer
Charles Collyer, Lead VFX Artist
Fausto Tejeda, CG Supervisor
Darcy Callaghan, Special Effects Coordinator

The Umbrella Academy • The White Violin • Netflix • UCP
Everett Burrell, Senior Visual Effects Supervisor
Chris White, Visual Effects Supervisor
Jeff Campbell, Visual Effects Supervisor
Sebastien Bergeron, Visual Effects Supervisor
Sean Schur, Visual Effects Supervisor
Steve Dellerson, Visual Effects Producer
Libby Hazell, Visual Effects Producer
Carrie Richardson, Visual Effects Producer
Misato Shinohara, Visual Effects Production Manager

Outstanding Special Visual Effects In A Supporting Role

Catch-22 • Episode 4 • Hulu • Paramount Television, Anonymous Content, Smokehouse Pictures
Matt Kasmir, VFX Supervisor
Brian Connor, VFX Supervisor
Dan Charbit , VFX Supervisor
Matthew Wheelon Hunt , VFX Producer
Alun Cummings, VFX Producer
Gavin Harrison, CG Supervisor
Giovanni Casadei, CG Supervisor
Remi Martin, 2D Compositing Supervisor
Peter Farkas, 2D Compositing Supervisor

Chernobyl • 1:23:45 • HBO • HBO Miniseries and SKY in association with Word Games, The Mighty Mint and Sister Pictures
Max Dennison, Overall VFX Supervisor: DNEG
Lindsay McFarlane, Overall VFX Producer
Claudius Christian Rauch, SFX Supervisor
Clare Cheetham, VFX Producer: DNEG
Laura Bethencourt Montes, VFX Line Producer: DNEG
Steven Godfrey, CG Supervisor: DNEG
Luke Letkey, 2D Supervisor: DNEG
Christian Waite, FX Supervisor: DNEG
William Foulser, Environments Supervisor: DNEG

Deadwood • HBO • HBO Films in association with Red Board and The Mighty Mint
Eric Hayden, VFX Supervisor
David Altenau, VFX Supervisor
Alex Torres, VFX Producer
Joseph Vincent Pike, Compositor
Ian Northrop, Compositor
Christopher Flynn, Compositor
David Blumenfeld, Animator
Matthew Rappaport , Animator
David Rand, Animator

Escape At Dannemora • Episode 6 • Showtime • Red Hour, Busyhands, The White Mountain Company, Michael De LucaProductions, BZ Entertainment
Steven Kirshoff, Special Effects Supervisor
Joe Heffernan, Special Effects Coordinat or
John Bair, Visual Effects Supervisor
Djuna Wahlrab, Visual Effects Supervisor
Matthew Griffin, Visual Effects Producer
Shannen Walsh, Visual Effect s Coordinator
Joseph Brigati, Lead Compositor
Vance Miller, CG Supervisor
Min Hwa Jung, Senior Compositor

Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan • Pilot • Prime Video • Paramount and Amazon Studios
Erik Henry, Senior Visual Effects Supervisor
Matt Robken, Senior Visual Effects Producer
Jamie Klein, Senior Visual Effects Coordinat or
Pau Costa Moeller, Senior Visual Effects Coordinat or
Bobo Skipper, Visual Effects Supervisor
Deak Ferrand, Matte Painter
Crawford Reilly, 2D Lead
Joseph Karsparian, 2D Lead
Francois Lambert , CG Lead


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