4. Juni 2023 Johannes Wolters

Honest Truth About Movie Criticism – Scott Menzel [FULL INTERVIEW]

In this Film Courage video interview, Editor-In-Chief of We Live Entertainment and Hollywood Critics Association Founder Scott Menzel shares how growing up with a passion for drawing as a kid shaped his love for cinema. As a film reviewer and cinephile, Scott shares how his favorite films are not always to most revered by the entertainment industry and how a movie reviewer who goes against popular opinion when it comes to film choices can experience backlash. Scott believes in being true to his voice and finding entertainment that inspires him.

0:00 – Why Movies Matter 9:37 – Why I Stopped Watching Movies 21:45 – Why It’s Almost Impossible To Give An Honest Movie Review 34:23 – If The Story Is Bad Then The Movie Is Bad 53:23 – What Happened To Comic Book Movies? 1:10:04 – Best And Worst Movies Of 2022 (So Far) 1:22:59 – 99% Of Theatrical Movies Are Better Than Streaming Movies 1:38:44 – What’s The Difference Between Movie Critics And Internet Trolls? 1:52:53 – Movie Critics Shouldn’t Be Popular 2:09:02 – Movie Guessing Game 2:17:19 – Why Do Some Filmmakers Get So Much Hate?

Born and raised in New Jersey, Scott Menzel has been a life-long fan of all things entertainment. His love for film started at five years old and has only grown over the years. Scott started writing reviews in early 2002 and has been conducting interviews since 2010. He currently serves as the Editor-In-Chief of We Live Entertainment and the founder of the Hollywood Critics Association.

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