How to make a short film | MAKING OF MISMATCHED by Jackie Droujko

You might have seen the process of making my short animated film ‚mismatched‘ on tiktok. Well, here they are all together so you can see the entire process of creating a short film! This film took about a year to complete from october 2021 to november 2022 with a four month break due to an injury.


00:00 3d set

0:50 storyboard

1:45 inspiration

2:39 colour script

3:35 character design

4:57 turnaround

6:00 special poses

8:32 musician

9:27 backgrounds

12:45 rough animation

14:05 clean animation

15:10 colour animation

16:16 compositing

17:15 credits

18:18 sfx design


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