17. Juni 2020 Johannes Wolters

Annecy Festival / MIFA Campus 2020: Keep Calm and Create On: Sustain Motivation in a Creative Environment by Laurent Auclair

#MifaCampus #AnnecyFestival #AnnecyMifa

#MifaCampus #AnnecyFestival #AnnecyMifa

Creating art, in whichever form, takes time and energy, two elements that are usually linked to one of our most feeble currency: motivation. How to find it, how to nurture it? Let’s find out. One of the hardest things an artist has to develop is a strong sense of resilience. Creating art is, in most part, a lonely exercise and we are all our favourite saboteur. The only cure to self-sabotage is motivation, but sometimes it is hard to find, and even harder to sustain.

Through personal case studies, this masterclass will discuss ways to improve your motivation as a creative.

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