5. März 2020 Johannes Wolters

KLAUS | Character Study: Falling for Alva

Following with our Klaus character series, next one up is the feisty teacher/fishmonger with a heart of gold, Alva!


The SPA Studios (Sergio Pablos Animation), a Madrid-based Feature Animation Studio. You may know our work on Despicable Me, Smallfoot, Rio, or most recently “Klaus”, Netflix’s first original Feature film, which was entirely conceived and produced at SPA Studios and has received several nominations for Best Animated Feature, including the Academy Awards and Spain’s Goya Awards and has received The BAFTA for Best Animated Feature and seven Annie Awards. In this channel, we’ll share how some parts of the movie were done. From the first animation tests until the final composition, SPA wants to demonstrate what was happening behind the scenes of Klaus.

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