10. März 2016 Johannes Wolters

Let’s go! Experience Games in Bavaria!

Games Bavaria- The umbrella brand and first contact point for information about the Bavarian games industry.

Click here: Games Bavaria – Here the link for the PDF file for bajuvarian Game- companies

Standortbroschüre der Games Bavaria

Here the link to the website: http://www.games-bavaria.com/

We have put texts, pictures and a lot of thoughts into this product to provide a valuable
tool to everyone interested and to answer their questions. The following pages contain
useful and precise information: contact persons, contacts, descriptions of events, success
stories, and a lot more. Pages 22 et seq. are rather plain, yet they might be the most
important part. Here you can find the register of companies with a comprehensive over-
view of Bavarian services, developers, and publishers, to let you know who to call.
I am sure you want to experience and shape Bavaria’s vivid games community.

Let’s go! Gaming in white and blue!

Robin Hartmann

angry birds

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