3. August 2020 Johannes Wolters

Life as a CG Supervisor with Yann Dupont | VFX Interviews #1 von Arvid Schneider

CG Supervisor shares insightful knowledge across the VFX Industry in a entertaining and humble way. He talks about his career and early days, current challenges we are all facing in 2020 and what the future will bring us.










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0:00 Introduction

4:31 Do you spend much time on set as a CG Supervisor?

6:12 What do you think is important to know being on set?

11:04 What is IBL?

12:26 Do you miss shot work, now that you are CG Supe?

16:55 How does COVID affect your daily work?

22:34 Yann Talking about Frienship and Communication

27:00 What advice would you give yourself as a junior td?

31:03 How did you get in to the VFX Industry?

37:47 Why do I offer tutorials for FREE? (Arvid)

38:47 As a Supe, is there a big gap between you and artists?

41:33 For what qualities are you looking for in applicants?

50:10 Showreel

52:43 What was a challenging shot in your reel?

56:12 Do VISA applications affect foreign artists of being hired?

59:11 Working from home for vfx

1:02:05 Working from home will probably only be senior roles?

1:04:10 What should I focus on as a beginner to the industry?

1:05:52 Can UNREAL engine be using in VFX? CPU/GPU?

1:15:55 Will AI artificial intelligence replace my job?

1:22:22 What is your thought on GPU render engines?

1:24:58 Any tips for starting a career in lookdev?

1:33:55 Interested in a CG Meetup – in Vancouver?

1:35:29 How should I respond to Interview questions?

1:38:29 Is it important to have references from previous employers?

1:42:15 Isn’t it difficult to get a FULL-TIME position in VFX?

1:45:02 With experience finding a job should be easier?

1:46:03 More Questions and Yann being humble

1:48:07 Talking about VFX and Arvids tutorials

1:50:10 Any Advice for starting a Career in 3d?

1:50:55 Any plan to start a YouTube/Twitch career?

1:52:33 Is scripting/programming a must for FX/LOOKDEV?

1:54:33 Any tips for ARCHVIZ renders?

1:55:53 Any opinions on the latest VFX Oscars?

2:00:32 Outtakes – Really good 🙂




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