9. Februar 2024 Johannes Wolters

Lunar Revel 2024 | Official Event Theme – Riot Games

Feel the spirit of the dragon move you with the official music theme of Lunar Revel 2024. Lunar Revel 2024 | Official Event Theme – Riot Games

Music by: Seth Tsui

Recorded at Pavane Recording Studio, Singapore:

Erhu Soloist: Seth Tsui  – Conductor & Session Producer: Seth Tsui

Recording Engineer: Gao Yang

The TENG Ensemble Dizi & Xiao: Joyce Poh Guzheng: Sim Kee Pipa: Jeremy Wong Yang Qin: Patrick Ngo

Other musicians:  French Horns: Christopher Shen Trumpets: Mohammed Farhan Bin Ramoe Trombones: Seth Tsui

Recorded at Hollywood Scoring, Los Angeles: Orchestra Contractor: Noah Gladstone

Recording Engineers: Adam Michalak Assistant Engineer: Sean Gehricke Production Assistant: Nolan Stewart

Conductor: Anthony Parnther Preparation: Thanh Tran Violins: Mark Robertson, concertmaster Ben Jacobson, principal Katie Sloan, Jackie Brand, Tamara Hatwan, Sarah Thornblade, Eun Mee Ahn, Luanne Homzy, Marisa Kuney, Daphne Chen, Sam Fischer, Ji Young An, Ashoka Thiagarajan, Robert Schumitzky

Violas: Andrew Duckles, principal Luke Maurer, Meredith Crawford, Linnea Powell, Zach Dellinger, Drew Forde Cellos: Tim Loo, principal and soloist Charlie Tyler, Mike Kaufman, Cameron Stone Basses: Tom Harte, principal Stephen Pfeifer, Eric Shetzen

Executive Producer: Riot Music Team

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