Meet Mexican Animators & Grill at Annecy – by Dessignare

Designare and Los Primos invite the entire international community that will attend the Annecy Festival to be part of a series of screenings and special gatherings to celebrate Mexican animation! We know that there is a lot to see and so many people to meet, this space will be presented throughout the week with projections of Mexican directors whose talent will be present in Annecy so that you can meet them in person. Get to know our programming and be part of these casual encounters to encourage collaboration. Enjoy Mexican snacks and marvel at a special collection that will be screened at Los Primos, authentic neighborhood food.

MONDAY – Meetup with Mexican Animators (Only by reservation)

TUESDAY – Love & Magic – Animated Shorts

WEDNESDAY – First Look! (Teasers of projects in development or about to be released)

THURSDAY – Back from the Death – Animated Shorts

FRIDAY – Young Talent and Taquitos

SATURDAY – Show & Tell – Reel

How do Meet & Grills work? Didn’t you manage to get into a screening?…Could you use a relaxed space to live together?…Do you fancy some tacos?… Meet & Grill is a space that Dessignare has designed to share the talent and culture of Mexico with the international community. All week at Los Primos we will have a screen playing a previously selected collection of Mexican animation.

At night we will change from screen to projector! The program will have a bar with the author’s information fixed so that everyone can continue discovering the wonderful work of Mexican authors. And even better, you will be able to attend at the established times to consume delicious snacks and share a great moment with other creatives. Los Primos schedules during the festival week MONDAY TO SUNDAY 11:30 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. | 19:00 to 22:30

WHERE: 2 Rue Almé Levet, 74000 Annecy Are you selected for the Meet & Grill? The hours of coexistence have been planned so as not to intersect with key moments of MIFA-FESTIVAL, however you can go at any time to present your content to your colleagues and the community.

How every year you can follow the coverage of #MéxicoEnAnnecy visit the channels and follow our live coverage on instagram.


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