12. Dezember 2022 Johannes Wolters

My personal five best Animated Feature Films of 2022 – Meine fünf besten Animations-Spielfilme 2022


Here are my personal five best animated movies of the year 2022

This highly personal choice is of course due to the limited amount of animated feature films I have seen this year. I have for instance not seen „Marcel the Shell With Shoes“,  „Suzume“, „Inu-Oh“, „Unicorn Wars“ and many others.

Anyway of all the films I have seen this year in terms of Animated Feature films these following films are the films that touched me most! And I would have a really hard time to choose one from those as the best one of the year. So I will not do that.

Have a look and send me your opinion  which films you liked most to indac@gmx.de – And let us compare our experiences just for the fun of it!

Yours truly,



Apollo 10 1/2: A Space Age Childhood – Richard Linklater

My Father´s Dragon – Nora Twomey [Cartoon Saloon]

The Seabeast – Chris Williams

Pinocchio – Guillermo del Toro



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