Nova Strike – Launch Trailer | PS5 Games

Nova Strike is a retro-style shoot’em up that puts players in control of a spaceship fighting across the galaxy. Alone against all comers, players attack enemy bases in an attempt to destroy the various space defence vehicles blocking their path. To do this, they must dexterously avoid enemy fire in the pure tradition of bullet hell. Nova Strike features two-dimensional pixel art and a soundtrack inherited from the first space shooters in videogame history. This innovative addition to NACON’s catalogue offers many nostalgic fans a shoot’em up with a modern twist. Many hours of arduous challenges await you: – Explosive gameplay that demands responsiveness and precision to win battles. – A real sense of progression thanks to the roguelite mechanics and various upgrades. – Every run is different, thanks to procedural maps and extensive customisation of your arsenal. – A retro look with pixel art graphics and vertical scrolling progression. – A nostalgic shoot’em up that’s just as much fun today! Nova Strike is available today!

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