Offline with Jon Favreau: Is Big Tech & AI Destroying The TV & Movie Industry?

Madeleine Ashby, futurist and author of a recent piece for Wired entitled “Hollywood’s Future Belongs to People — Not Machines,” joins Offline to talk about how AI will impact the creation and experience of entertainment. She and Jon discuss how the industry is “unbundling,” the role of art in creating social cohesion, and the hubris of TV execs who think AI will deliver content that is fast, good AND cheap. Then, Jon and Max discuss the decline of streaming and subscription models, how AI could be used by reporters, and the problem with community leaders being replaced by sh*tposters.


0:00 – Intro

2:20 – The unbundling of Hollywood

15:40 – The future of AI generated entertainment

36:40 – Ad break

38:52 – Max Fisher joins

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