30. Juli 2016 Johannes Wolters

Passend zum heissen Wetter: Disneys Matterhorn – A material point method for snow simulation!

*Physically based simulation is an indispensable tool for creating realistic and believable virtual environments. By leveraging the power of modern computer systems, and using novel algorithms based on the laws of physics, it takes a huge burden off the shoulders of an artist and allows the creation of highly complex visual effects which would otherwise be unfeasible to animate ‚by hand‘, such as crashing ocean waves, snow blizzards and fireball explosions to name a few.

Matterhorn is one of Disney Animation’s proprietary physically based simulators. It was originally developed for creating snow effects in Frozen (2013) . It employs the Material Point Method (MPM) at its core and is highly efficient at simulating large amounts of snow interacting with characters. Recently Matterhorn has been upgraded with more advanced constitutive models to be able to simulate more materials: mud, foam, sand etc.*


Hier der Link zur Website der Walt Disney Animation Studios mit der Info zu MATTERHORN

und hier noch

der Artikel des Matterhorns Teams mit dem Titel „A material point method for snow simulation!“

Foto/Videos (c)Disney



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