Sage – Lost

The collaborative bunch at Girl & Bear (VCCP’s production arm) approached us to develop, design and direct ‘a few’ commercials for Sage, the accounting, financial, HR and payroll tech company for small and mid-sized businesses. A few, as it turned out, was 14 x 30” AND they wanted them on telly boxes around the world within 2 ½ months. This was a project that needed to be visually developed from scratch. After a “Noooo problem!” and a collective dry swallow from our team, we regained composure, a week later, and got down to the nitty. The ads are all driven by real voices of business, and so the treatment of the films required a personal touch to visually echo these quotes by real people. We chose a tactile illustrative style with bright colours, featuring ‘big friendly giants’ who would integrate playfully on black and white live action backdrops. The voices would lead the development of the stories. Sage enables businesses to flow because owners are spending more time doing what they do best, while Sage deals with their accountancy. And flow is represented by the green ‘Flow line’ – it’s considered the enabler. It can be playful and helpful – we imagined it to be like a dolphin swimming alongside you. A nice friendly personality to help you on your way. This project has been a thoroughly rewarding experience for us at Seed – being part of the creative team that helped to develop this campaign from early days, and working with some phenomenal talent along the way. Big thanks to Mark Orbine, Andy Leahy, Tony Hector, Maxine Denton and Joseph Fathers at VCCP for giving us the opportunity and creating a warm and inviting creative atmosphere. visit our website for more exciting Seed projects:

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