28. Juli 2016 Johannes Wolters

So sollten Showreels immer aussehen! LEGACY EFFECTS: Strength Through Our Strategic Partners! [Comic Con 2016]

Hier gehts zur Webseite von LEGACY!

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Watch Legacy Effects‘ Corporate Video unveiled at Comic Con 2016!

There’s an old Lakota saying: „The strategic partners make the company.“

Legacy Effects has created strategic partnerships with technology leaders such as the UNSC, The Atlas Corporation, Stark Industries, PYM Technologies, Trask, Oscorp, Ingen, and Cyberdyne Dynamics.
Through these partnerships, Legacy has secretly provided some of the most renowned and powerful companies in the multiverse with products and design. Legacy Effects works around the clock as a veritable one-stop-shop for armor, weapon and technological solutions.

It’s a pleasure to show you our company video, fresh from Comic-Con, for shareholders and fans alike.

Written and directed by Ben Barnes

Cast: Gabriel Tigerman, Elin Adler, Pete Clarke, Carolyn Finken, Jesse Gee, Vance Hartwell, Seth Hays, Darnell Isom, Carla Monzingo, Dave Monzingo, Lon Muckey, Steven Munson, Rob Ramsdell, Alan Scott, and Won-il Song.

A Lodger Films Production
Production Manager: Spencer Jezewski
Cinematography: Mathew Rudenberg
Assistant Camera: John Reyes
Production Designer: Brian Mayfield
Grip & Electric: Dylan Catherina
Hair and Make Up: Natalie Rose
Sound: Ben Anderson
Sound Mix: Bobb Barito
Color: Eric Schrecongost
Visual Effects: William Hyler
Practical Effects and Props: Legacy Effects
Thank You: Engineered Magnetics, Inc.

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