Sony Creators Conference: Sessions Day 2 Livestream (Aug 9th PDT) (with American Sign Language)

The first-ever Sony Creators Conference presents Day Two of our showcase of the latest in emerging technologies and ideas that are enabling creators to reach new frontiers in gaming, entertainment and more.

On Day Two, we present a deep dive into the power of machine learning as a tool for creation, hyperrealism, and how we’re developing breakthrough gaming technology.

Tune in for the following panels: Wednesday, Aug. 9 PDT

11:00 AM Obsessed with Realism: “Gran Turismo: Based on a True Story” Carter Swan: Senior Producer, PlayStation Productions Jacques Jouffret ASC: Director of Photography, Gran Turismo: Based on a True Story

12:30 PM “GT Sophy, a Breakthrough in Racing Simulation Game, Gran Turismo™ Sport” Peter Wurman: Director, Sony AI America Game AI project lead

2:00 PM “Next Gen Development for Games” Kentaro Suzuki: Lead Graphics Engineer, Polyphony Digital Inc. Graham Aldridge: Principal R&D Engineer, Bend Studio, Sony Interactive Entertainment Logan Olson: Director of Generative ML, Haven Studios Nasir Khalid: ML Researcher, Haven Studios –

Sony Creators Conference

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