26. Januar 2023 Johannes Wolters

Täglich einen Kurzen: „Bean Boy“ by Emily Hanning — The Animation Workshop 2022


Summer is a time of endless potential, but when a rabbit’s fears start getting in the way of having fun with his friends, Beanboy pops in and does his thing. Beanboy as a show, and Beanboy as a character, serves as a reminder for kids (and grownups) to retain their childlike qualities of living in the present, loving without shame, and most importantly: having fun! Each episode leaves the viewer feeling lighter, and with a refreshed sense of optimism and joy of life. Just like Beanboy, we’re all gonna croak someday, so let’s have fun now.

Director : Emily Hanning

Animation: Isabel Kohlmann, Ines Riquelme, Anastazja Konczakowska, Emily Hanning, Nabil Afnan-Samandari Script: Emily Hanning, Dora Grents, Nabil Afnan-Samandari, Alexandre Goncalves Set: Anastazja Konczakowska Castings: Dora Grents, Sam Byrne, Rambeau Holck, Linus Almroth Film Editor: Emily Hanning, Ines Riquelme Sound Engineer & Editor: Markus Trige Frandsen, Lasse Juncker Kjaelruff Mix: Markus Trige Frandsen, Lasse Juncker Kjaelruff Soundtrack: Markus Trige Frandsen, Lasse Juncker Kjaelruff, Anton Gerdes

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