24. April 2023 Johannes Wolters

Täglich einen Kurzen: „Dear Alice“ by Bjørn-Erik Aschim

What if we created a future for ourselves that was full of optimism and positivity? “Dear Alice” is a love letter from a grandmother to a granddaughter and an optimistic vision of the future of farming. It’s a nostalgic look towards a new era of agriculture, with beautifully crafted backgrounds, delicate animation and a completely unique score by long-time Ghibli composer (and absolute legend) Joe Hisaishi. (Yeah, we can’t believe this happened either).

It’s not a perfect utopia, but a version of a future we can all reach if we just decide to put in the work.

Production Company The Line

Director Bjørn-Erik Aschim

Producer Samia Ahmed

Music Joe Hisaishi

Art Director Antoine Perez

Production Manager Macarena Gaset

Editor Max Taylor

Executive Producer James Duveen

Head of Production Hanae Seida Storyboard Maxime Jouniot Louis Kynd

Character Design Marion Bordeyne Matthieu Daures Neïl Dieu Amanda Holme Lea Rey Mauzaize Alexandra Petit Margaux Rosiau

Concept Art Chiara Benedetti Camille Broutin Camille Sule Jessica Woulfe

Mech Design Braydan Barrett Sachin Teng Prop Design Wesley Louis

Motion Design Max Taylor Skye van der Walt

Lead Animator Bishoy Gendi

Animation Matthieu Daures Tim Dillnutt Sara Frias Daryl Graham Reg Isaac Amanda Jespersen Holm Marianne Le Moigne Rebecca Perrone Xavi Siria

FX Animation Quentin Cordonnier Sim Marriott Matthieu Petit Frankie Swan

Cleanup Judit Boor Alison Oxborrow Chrisitina Nerland Amix

Colour Background Art Daniel Clarke Raja Nandepu Antoine Perez Arnaud Tribout Jessica Wolfe Harrison Yinfaowei

Lead Compositor Elliott Kajdan

Compositor Valerie Guichard Guy Lubin Courtney Pryce Leandro Vazquez

3D Generalist Klaas-Harm de Boer Christine Jau Milo Targett

Junior Generalist / Online Editor Skye van der Walt

Production Coordinator Tyler Antin

Studio Manager Emily Darby

Audio Walker

MORE EPIC WORK https://www.thelineanimation.com/

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